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 Rs. 60 Per user

  • Reporting Time: 10:00AM
  • Prelims: will be a circuit with two laps.
  •  Second round: will be 2 circuits two laps.
  •  Third round: will be 2 circuits with a Sprint.
  •  Final Round: will be declared on the spot.
  • ** Rounds are subject to change in our soul direction .Best Lap timings will be taken.
  • The tournament will be"knocking out".
  •  The player who wins their 1st stage match advances to the next stage.
  •  The knock out continues till we get final 3 top scoring players.
  • The coordinators have the right to amend any of the above stated rules under any unavoidable scenario.
  •  Each race would have a maximum of 3 participants.
  •  Usage of Cheat-Codes will lead to direct disqualification.
  • Intentional : Upon judgement by the referee, any offending player will be charged with a loss by forfeit.
  • Unintentional : If the disconnection is deemed to be unintentional by the referee, the match will be restarted. If any player does not agree to a match restart, that player will lose by default.
  • Courses allowed : Diamond, Dunwich Bay, Heritage Heights, Bay Bridge, East Park, Oil refinery, Omega.
  •  Visual Upgrade allowed, Part, Performance (Pro, Super Pro, Ultimate) allowed, UPGRADED CARS WILL BE AVAILABLE.
  •  Junkman not allowed. When using Stock Spoiler and Stock.
  •  Any car can be chosen except Mercedes-Benz, SLR McLaren, FORD GT & BMW-M3GTR.
  •  Nitrous: On(will be off during prelims)
  •  Collision Detection: No
  •  Performance Matching: Off
  •  Units: Player's own discretion
  •  Game Moment Camera: Off
  •  Car Damage: Off
  •  Rear View Mirror: Player's own discretion
  •  Personal saved files will not be allowed.
  •  Joysticks if needed should be bought by the participants (for drivers there will not be any CD/DVD accommodation given only pen drives are allowed).
  • Players must be present in the tournament area at the notifications schedule.
  •  Players are advised to be present a few minutes before the schedule to avoid any unpredictable delay.
  • If the player is not present at the notification schedule, he shall be disqualified.
  •  Players will be given 5 minutes to choose their car and tune them before racing.
  •  Players must have to bring their ID card from their respected organization (college, School, Organization)
  • Contact : Niladri Chandra : 8910871144

All the above rules should be followed without argument with the tournament official, the violation of which may result in player or team disqualification, the decision to do the same lies in the hand of the tournament official present there, rules can be changed at any point of time as decided by the event co-ordinator present there.