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" Voice Your Opinions About Different topics and convince your fellow competitors to your choice "
Team of two
 Rs. 100

  • Reporting Time: 10:30AM
  •  The topics will be given on spot.The basic idea of topics is based on current affairs(Indain and International).
  • Every contestant will be given 5 minutes to express their opinion.
  • The debate will be held on the rules of a standard debate
  • It will be a knock-out tournament. Each round will consist of 4 contestants.
  • The judges will decide the winner after all participants express their opinion
  • In case of any conflict the decisions of the standing committee and the judges is final.
  • The Rules Of Debate Are Given here
  • Contact : Dipanjan Saha : 9874772876

All the above rules should be followed without argument with the tournament official, the violation of which may result in player or team disqualification, the decision to do the same lies in the hand of the tournament official present there, rules can be changed at any point of time as decided by the event co-ordinator present there.