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Clash Royale

Long time ago, the four nations of this world - Earth, Water, Air and Fire lived in harmony and peace but as time went on, the rulers of the respective nation grew selfish and hungry for power. Wars raged on and nations were looting each other, killing mercilessly and destroying everything that came in their way. Legend says that there will rise one ruler from one of these nations who will conquer all the other nations and bring an end to the senseless war. SO ARE YOU UP FOR THE CHALLENGE? DO YOU THINK YOU CAN BE THE RULER THAT THIS WORLD NEEDS? ARE YOU THE MESSIAH OR THE TYRANT? Let the game find out...
 Rs. 50

  • Reporting Time: 10:00AM
  •  Match type: 1v1 . Match time: 3 minutes . Mode: Best of 3
  • Players can use any cards they wish in their deck. A player can change his deck between battles.
  • For a best of 3 match, each player needs to send a friendly battle invite. There will be a toss. The one who wins the toss creates the first friendly battle request. Player losing the toss creates the second friendly battle request. Player winning the toss creates the third friendly battle.
  • Player wining 2 battles wins the match.
  • No mod or any sort of cheating will disqualify the player. We will provide the .apk file players need to sign in their account and play.
  • It will be a on spot event. Player will register and play with an entry fee of Rs. 50 and then after winning the match he/she will be given the prize money of Rs. 80 on the spot.
  • Players can re-register multiple times if they want to.
  • Contact : Sagnic Das : 8981819125

All the above rules should be followed without argument with the tournament official, the violation of which may result in player or team disqualification, the decision to do the same lies in the hand of the tournament official present there, rules can be changed at any point of time as decided by the event co-ordinator present there.